use of the logo

the TZOONE logo

Use of the TZOONE logo

Follow these rules to use the logo correctly


Our institutional color is green, it uses the black and white versions only if the layout or the base of the support is black or white.


The scaling of the logo must be proportional. Scaling is not allowed only vertically or horizontally. The minimum size of the logo is 10mm in height. The minimum size of the pictogram is 5 mm in height.


The area of respect is the space around the logo that should not be occupied in the case of side-by-side with other objects such as, for example, logos or images. This ideal frame built around the logo is to be considered the minimum space, so that, where possible, the size must be increased. The “x” dimension refers to half of the pictogram height.


The logo with the ® symbol must be used in all applications both on printed and video products.