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Enter tzoone, a real revolution for clubs, athletes and all those involved in the world of football.

tzoone is the first professional platform dedicated to those who work in the world of football.

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Create your site,
interact with thousands of professionals and multiply your job opportunities.

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The time has come to take part in the revolution.

Are you an athlete?

Thousands of agents, scouts and teams are always looking for talent. Join Tzoone, create your personal website and get in touch with them.

Share your career data, images and videos of your best performances on the pitch and get the visibility you deserve. Show your talent and be found by the best Italian teams. The football revolution is underway: don’t stay out.

Entra tzoone

Works in the world of soccer?

Join tzoone and multiply your job opportunities.

Access the largest platform on Italian football and expand your professional network. Create your personal website, get in touch with thousands of professionals, athletes and football clubs. Tzoone is the solution that allows you to simplify the management of your daily activities and the tool that supports the development of your career. Join the revolution.

Do you have a club?

Join tzoone, shorten times and revolutionize activity management.

Think about whether you could control and manage everything on a single platform, combining sports management with company management: from the search for players to monitoring their performance and managing disqualifications, from organizing travel to marketing and communication activities, from purchase of sports equipment up to accounting and budget. You finally have the chance to do it on a site dedicated to your team and your business. Making football has never been easier.

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